Swing Thoughts With Jeff Ritter

1 season, 13 episodes

Golfers are always trying to find the one swing tip that will help them get better results. In this series, PGA Professional Jeff Ritter offers 12 simple yet powerful swing thoughts to help you improve your game from tee to green and play with more confidence. Presented by IZOD

Season 1

How to Episode 1: Crush the Can This old-school swing thought will help improve your balance, power and timing and help you hit your drives farther.
How to Episode 2: Pocket Back Start your driver backswing the right way with by employing this simple but impactful visual.
How to Episode 3: Buckle Up Want to add yards to your drives? This genius tip will give your swing more power.
How to Episode 4: Sleeve Tuck Make your iron swing more efficient and compact by incorporating this simple move at address.
How to Episode 5: Two-Club Up Coming up short on your approach shots? This easy tweak will have you reaching the green with your irons in no time.
Bunker Play Episode 6: Loft & Low Sand haters, rejoice: Jeff Ritter offers a simple solution for getting out of the bunker with ease.
How to Episode 7: Bottom & Bounce Bottoming out your swing in a consistent spot is crucial for pitching. This swing tweak will help you get there.
How to Episode 8: Flex & Flow Lag putting is all about distance control and a smooth, repetitive stroke, which requires some fluidity.
How to Episode 9: Act As If Having confidence and right mindset will help you sink the short putts every time. This drill can help.
How to Episode 10: Create the State Being present and pumped for a great shot is crucial to success in golf. Here’s how to get into the right state of mind in your pre-shot routine.
How to Episode 11: The Shot You've Got Get yourself used to resisting the temptation to go for the difficult shot selection. Your scorecard will thank you.
How to Episode 12: Balance Your Approach Learn to utilize the winning combination of a confident swing and a conservative target.
How to Look Great. Feel Great. Play Great. One of the most important contributors to good golf is on-course confidence. And confidence starts with your wardrobe.