Setup Basics

2 seasons, 23 episodes

It's all about the fundamentals. Learn proper grip and body alignment to ensure a smooth swing.

Grip Techniques

Setup Basics Jason Carbone: Hitting Soft Sand Shots All you need is one little finger. Jason Carbone says a slight grip change in the sand will add height and control to your shots.
Setup Basics Butch Harmon: Grip Pressure Too much grip pressure can restrict wrist hinge. Too little, and you risk losing control during the swing. Here's top-ranked teacher Butch Harmon's quick test to find your ideal grip pressure.
Setup Basics Rick Smith: Use Your Waggle You can use your waggle to improve tempo, path, grip pressure--you name it. Top-ranked instructor Rick Smith shows you how.
Setup Basics Hank Haney: Don't Change Your Grip Follow Hank Haney's advice to keep your grip consistent from address to finish.
Setup Basics Tom Watson: Check Your Grip Is your grip too weak or too strong? Make it just right with this advice from Tom Watson.
Setup Basics David Leadbetter: Get A Feel For Solid Strikes On iron shots, teach yourself to lead with your left hand by making practice swings using this special grip from David Leadbetter.
Setup Basics Sean Foley: Your Putting Grip Which putting grip is the right one for you? Top-ranked teacher Sean Foley offers advice on finding the right fit.
Setup Basics Rickie Fowler: Use Two Putting Grips Rickie Fowler uses a standard grip on long putts and switches to cross-handed on short ones. If you think your putting needs a shake-up, maybe this'll work for you, too.
Setup Basics Hank Haney: Grip Fundamentals Hank Haney explains the importance of a correct grip and offers a simple way to check yours.
Coaches & Instructors Your Hands Control Everything Your hands control the clubface and its orientation at impact. Improve your swing by focusing on hand position and movement with Travis Fulton, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher.