4 seasons, 25 episodes

Instructional how-to's, tips, and more to help you master putting.


Putting David Leadbetter: How To Improve Your Lag Putts Four steps to becoming a better lag-putter.
Coaches & Instructors A simple way to make more putts Use this cadence to improve on the green. Chris Mayson, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, shares his two-word tip to help the ball drop in the cup.
Coaches & Instructors Why Speed Is Key For Making More Putts Accurate reads mean nothing if you don't have the correct speed on the green. Dave Stockton, a Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher and two-time PGA Championship winner demonstrates speed control.
Putting Putting tips from Tiger Woods' Coach Tiger Woods' coach, Chris Como, explains why you should read greens with your feet instead of your eyes.