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Make The Turn

1 season, 41 episodes

Golf instructor Jeff Ritter provides a comprehensive program to help you improve on and off the golf course.

2014 Hosted by Jeff Ritter


Coaches & Instructors Series Trailer: Make The Turn Introducing Make The Turn, instructor Jeff Ritter's comprehensive program to help you improve on and off the golf course.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Short-Game Showdown A key to improving your short game is being able to execute under pressure. Jeff Ritter suggests a series of short-game drills that will feel like a tournament round.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Negative Knockout Negative thoughts can cost you on the course. Instructor Jeff Ritter suggests a way to encourage more positive thinking during your rounds.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Start Your Engines Jeff Ritter suggests a simple drill that will teach you how to control your swing speed.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Barefoot Balance A large portion of the golfing population has terrible footwork. Instructor Jeff Ritter offers drills that will help you develop a better connection with the turf.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Walk The Line This week's challenge is about elevating your performance by developing solid ball-striking. Instructor Jeff Ritter offers a quick drill to make sure that your club strikes the ground at the proper spot.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Birdie Breakfast Nutritionist Cate Ritter provides some helpful ideas for a healthy, nutritious breakfast that will give you plenty of energy on the course.
Bunker Play Weekly Challenge: Bunker Blast Instructor Jeff Ritter says the best way to hone your bunker game is to force yourself to hole out once from the bunker at the end of every session.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Fire Up Your On Switch Instructor Jeff Ritter explains the direct correlation between a positive mindset and hitting good shots.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: One and One Instructor Jeff Ritter suggests practicing hitting pitch shots with one hand and on one foot as a way to create consistent contact.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: The World's Greatest Stretch Jeff Ritter and conditioning coach David Jack teach you an essential stretch for before you practice or play.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Trajectory Tune-Up Most golfers play purely by direction, whereas the game's best also play by height. This week's challenge will elevate your performance IQ, while giving you more command over your golf ball. Do you think you can do it?
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Beverage Blast Proper hydration on the course is essential for optimal performance. But it's important to be sure you're drinking the right things.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Play It Forward Most golf courses are way too long for the average golfer. Next time you play challenge your foursome to play your home course from a variety of different tee boxes.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Play Recklessly If you find yourself attempting to control too much, try throwing caution to the wind and let go with reckless abandon. You'll start swinging with more freedom.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Speed Reader Jeff Ritter teaches you a drill that will help improve your lag putting from long distances.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Power Core Essentials Jeff Ritter and conditioning coach David Jack teach you the "Turkish Get-Up" to help strengthen your core.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Hit For The Cycle Jeff Ritter explains the importance of controlling your ball flight by learning to hit a draw, a fade, and a straight shot.
Fitness Weekly Challenge: Stay Sun Safe MTT LEAN 18 nutrition coach, Cate Ritter, breaks down all you'll ever need to know about having fun "safely" under the sun.
How to Weekly Challenge: Trap Perfection If you want to quickly improve you have to develop the feeling of the swing that's going to give you the best contact. A great way to accomplish this is to challenge yourself with a self-coaching exercise called 'trapping'.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Learn Your Lesson One thing that's critical to your success is the inclusion of a positive, post-round routine. Ask yourself what was today's lesson and make that the focus of your next practice session.
How to Weekly Challenge: One-Club Tournament The legendary Seve Ballesteros learned to play the game with just one club -- the 3-iron. Next time you go out to play take a page out of Seve's playbook and challenge your foursome to play a one-club tournament.
Fitness Weekly Challenge: Maximum Muscle Recovery Nothing kills your game like lingering aches and pain. Here's a great post-round routine to keep those muscles loose and your body pain-free.
How to Weekly Challenge: Shift Your Perspective Learn how to view your putts from a variety of different perspectives. You'll get a more accurate read on breaks and hole more of your putts.
How to Weekly Challenge: Healthy Happy Hour Being healthier, doesn't mean you have to take on some "all or nothing" effort that leaves you feeling deprived. Here are ways to enjoy the 19th hole while keeping an eye on your health.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Worst Ball Workout If you think you've got some serious game, try this workout to determine how good you really are.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Live Above The "O" Line Deciding to live above the "O" line is one of the most important skills you can develop in becoming a more disciplined thinker. The goal is to simply see outcomes and events as neutral observations, where they don't affect your mood in a negative way.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Ben Hogan's Practice Secret There's a big difference between practicing hard and getting the most out of your time working on your game. Next time you go to the practice range take a page out of Ben Hogan's playbook on how to craft the perfect practice session.
Coaches & Instructors Weekly Challenge: Walk To Win Jeff Ritter explains why walking is a more enjoyable way to experience a golf course.
How to Weekly Challenge: 50 Yard Flag Breaker One of the hardest things for the average golfer are the in-between shots inside 100 yards. A great way to improve this area of your game is to learn how to master the 50 yard pitch shot.
How to Weekly Challenge: One-Minute Swing In order to improve at this game you have to learn how to create a higher level of awareness for how your body is moving when you're hitting golf shots. A great way to do this is to challenge yourself to make a one-minute long swing.
Coaches & Instructors Make The Turn: Back 9 Snacks Jeff and Cate Ritter discuss the importance of healthy snacks to maintain your energy on the golf course.
How to Make The Turn Weekly Challenge: Put On Your Game Face Commit to creating a "game face" that brings out your best. It's who you want to be, need to be and have to be, to deliver your true potential in the heat of the battle.
Fitness Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #34: Ultimate Power Circuit Get more power and distance off the tee with an exercise that's used by some of the game's biggest hitters - medicine ball throws. During your next training session, build a more explosive swing by mastering this workout.
How to Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #35: Super Wedge Spin-Off Next time you go off to practice challenge yourself to learn how to put more spin on your golf ball. More speed equals more spin. Here's how you can achieve this.
Coaches & Instructors Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #35: Supermarket Success Good health starts with nutrition. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your next grocery shopping trip and you can count this week's challenge as complete.
How to Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #37: Bomb It Big Ask any golfer what they'd like more of and they'd most likely say a few more yards off the tee. The next time you go out to practice try this drill to add more distance to your drive.
Coaches & Instructors Make The Turn Weekly Challenge: Create The State Jeff Ritter explains how a positive mindset can lead to success.
Fitness Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #39: Redline Racer Prove to yourself that you can hammer out just one session of high-intensity, interval training and you can count this weekly fitness challenge as complete.
How to Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #40: Get In The Game Stretch the boundaries of your imagination, think of that big thing you want to chase after -- enter a golf tournament, contact a golf coach, travel the world -- then write it down and make the call.
Coaches & Instructors Make The Turn: SuperPower Smoothies Cate Ritter provides some healthy suggestions for smoothies to help keep your energy up on the golf course.