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Make The Turn

2 seasons, 46 episodes

Golf instructor Jeff Ritter provides a comprehensive program to help you improve on and off the golf course.


How to Make The Turn Weekly Challenge 45: Manifest The Future Spend some time creating your clearest mental picture of success on every shot for a duration of 18 holes of golf and you can count this week's mind-set challenge as complete.
Fitness Make The Turn Weekly Challenge 44: Ultimate Motivation Mix Nothing makes you want to crush it like the right song or playlist. Have some fun making a soundtrack that motivates you and you can count this week's challenge as complete. 
Fitness Make The Turn Challenge: Victory Indulgence Desserts  Just because you're celebrating, doesn't mean you have to compromise your healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are plenty of delicious natural dessert options you'll find are just as, if not more satisfying, than any processed food product can be.