Lessons with Butch Harmon

5 seasons, 40 episodes

Take a lesson with iconic instructor and industry royalty Butch Harmon.


Coaches & Instructors

Butch Harmon instructs on how to hit an iron shot that is perched atop short grass.

Bunker Play

Buried lie? Get up and down with this quick tip.

How to

Ball in a divot? Try these 3 keys to gouge it out.

How to

Hit it closer: Take this advice for your next short approach.


You'll make more downhill putts with a grip change.

How to

Want to hit a power draw? Fix your setup.

Coaches & Instructors

You can get close to the hole from around the green with your hybrid.

Coaches & Instructors

Try Butch Harmon's simple plan for hitting a basic pitch.