Lessons with Butch Harmon

5 seasons, 40 episodes

Take a lesson with iconic instructor and industry royalty Butch Harmon.


Coaches & Instructors Butch Harmon: Don't Blow a Lucky Lie Butch Harmon instructs on how to hit an iron shot that is perched atop short grass.
Bunker Play Butch Harmon: Pitching From A Buried Lie Buried lie? Get up and down with this quick tip.
How to Butch Harmon: How To Hit Out Of A Divot Ball in a divot? Try these 3 keys to gouge it out.
How to Butch Harmon: Why You Miss Greens Hit it closer: Take this advice for your next short approach.
Putting Butch Harmon: How To Hit A Downhill Putt You'll make more downhill putts with a grip change.
How to How To Hit A Power Draw Want to hit a power draw? Fix your setup.
Coaches & Instructors How To Chip With Your Hybrid You can get close to the hole from around the green with your hybrid.
Coaches & Instructors How To Pitch From A Buried Lie Try Butch Harmon's simple plan for hitting a basic pitch.