Golf Digest's Best Teachers

2 seasons, 16 episodes

From veteran coaches to instructors on the rise, these Golf Digest teachers are the best of the best.

Golf Digest's 50 Best Teachers

Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Simple Solid Strikes At impact try to get the back of your lead hand pointing to the target.
Coaches & Instructors Mike Adams: What's A Good Shoulder Turn? Mike Adams, ranked No. 9 in Golf Digest's 50 Greatest Teachers ranking, offers this simple drill for executing a good shoulder turn in your backswing.
Coaches & Instructors Todd Anderson: Cure Your Slice From The Inside Out Todd Andreson shows chronic slicers how to improve their slice by swinging out to the ball from the inside.
Coaches & Instructors Sean Foley: Master One Club Around The Greens Golf Digest Best 50 Teacher Sean Foley offers you different setup options with your wedge for different shots around the green.