Golf Ninjas

1 season, 8 episodes

From Bubba Watson knocking a drone out of the sky to long drive champion Jeff Flagg destroying a TIE Fighter in slow motion, they're not just golf pros, they're Golf Ninjas.

Season 1

Celebrity Golf Assassins: Bubba Watson Knocks a Drone Out of the Sky Bubba Watson nails a drone with the perfect shot, all while answering our hard-hitting questions like whether he's team Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers and if he prefers grilled cheese or burritos?
Celebrity Long Drive Champ Jeff Flagg Destroys Stuff with Golf Balls in Slow Motion Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg destroys everything from a watermelon to the gopher in Caddyshack in slow motion. Special Thanks to Heneghan Wrecking
Celebrity Can Stephen Curry Play Golf on a Basketball Court? Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry takes Golf Digest's 3-Point Challenge, involving 3-pointers, chip shots, long putts, and half-court shots. He has less than fifty seconds per round and needs to make 10 shots to win, all while being interviewed.
Celebrity Larry Fitzgerald Takes the 5-Shot Golf Challenge for Charity Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald takes Golf Digest’s 5-Shot Challenge at Whisper Rock in Scottsdale, AZ, to raise money for his First Down Fund, which supports kids and families in crisis and health-related organizations.
Celebrity PGA Champ Jason Day Accepts a 9-Ball Pool Golf Challenge He may be a top world competitor in traditional 18-hole golf, but how does Jason Day fare when challenged with pool golf? We put him to the test.
Celebrity Golf Assassins: Long Drive Champ Hits the Green on 430-Yard Par 4 World Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg takes Golf Digest's Long Drive Challenge at Butler National Golf Club in Oak Brook, Illinois.
Humor Patrick Reed Knocks A Drone Out Of The Sky PGA Pro Patrick Reed attempts to show up his buddy Bubba Watson, by knocking a drone out of the sky!
Shots & Strokes Dustin Johnson vs. Trackman: Can He Guess His Distances? PGA pro Dustin Johnson faces off against Trackman to see how accurately he can guess the distance of his shots and advises you on how to improve your game by doing so.