Five-Minute Fix with Hank Haney

1 season, 16 episodes

Hank Haney can fix your golf swing in five minutes. Don’t believe it? Just ask NBA star Stephen Curry, NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip, and “The Office” star Brian Baumgartner. Watch as Tiger Woods’ former coach helps celebrities fix their mistakes out on the course.

Season 1

Coaches & Instructors Time Your Swing Perfectly How to time your arms correctly during the swing.
Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Putting Flaws How to fix the mistakes you might be making on the greens.
Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Don't Cheat Your Finish Moving your back foot through the finish of the swing makes all the difference.
How to Shake The Shanks One easy way to get rid of the shanks for good.
Shots & Strokes Hank Haney: Stop Losing Shots Right One move to stop missing right and get on plane.
How to Hank Haney: Golf's Obsolete Shots Some old advice to forget--and what to do instead.
Celebrity Atlanta Braves’ Chipper Jones: Keeping Your Driver in Play Former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones needs some help keeping his driver in play. Hank Haney offers him some simple tips to get rid of his hook.
Celebrity Baseball Legend Joe Carter: Fixing Your Sand Game Joe Carter has two World Series under his belt, but the former Blue Jays star needs some help when it comes to his sand game. Hank Haney offers a quick fix to get him out of the sand trap and onto the green.
Celebrity Former NFL Player Jim McMahon: Squaring the Clubface Former NFL player Jim McMahon likes to play golf barefoot, but while he might be comfortable, he still could use a few tips. Hank Haney shows him how to square the clubface at the top of the swing to avoid veering to the right.
Celebrity Super Bowl Champ Rodney Harrison: Speeding Up the Driver Swing He has two Super Bowl rings, but Rodney Harrison has some work to do when it comes to his driving. Hank Haney helps the former NFL player with a few simple tips.
Celebrity Larry the Cable Guy: How to Straighten Out Your Shot Last year Hank Haney helped Larry the Cable Guy improve his distance, but this time around Larry needs advice on how to stop swinging over the top of the ball. Can Hank “git-r-done” and help Larry straighten out his shot?
Celebrity Brian Baumgartner: Preventing the Double Hit He plays Kevin on “The Office,” but actor Brian Baumgartner needs some serious work when it comes to his chipping. Hank Haney helps him to stop double hitting so he can step up his short game.
Celebrity Alfonso Ribeiro: Perfecting Your Lag Putt Professional Golf Instructor Hank Haney fixes Alfonso Ribeiro's lag putt in five minutes.
Celebrity Herm Edwards: How to Get More Loft on the Ball Former Kansas City Chiefs coach and ESPN analyst Herm Edwards is struggling with getting the ball up in the air. Can Hank help him fix his de-lofted shots?
Celebrity Michael Waltrip: Perfecting Your Setup for a Better Swing NASCAR heavy-hitter Michael Waltrip needs help improving his setup, which leads to a good takeaway, and ultimately a better swing. Hank Haney shows him how to transform his setup with some quick and easy fixes.
Celebrity Stephen Curry: What to Do When Your Timing is Off NBA star Stephen Curry makes the classic good-player mistake when it comes to golf: his timing is off. Hank Haney shows the Golden State Warriors point guard how to avoid swinging to the left so he can get his drives where they need to be.