Epic Trick Shots

2 seasons, 21 episodes

Head across the pond to see incredible shots from trick-shot masters Geoff Swain and Kevin Carpenter. Watch as the two turn London into their ultimate trick shots playground.

Season 2 Hosted by Geoff Swain and Kevin Carpenter

Season 2

Humor Going Going Gong: The Golf Trick Shot Boys Take the Gong Challenge The Trick Shot Boys compete to hit a gong from 100 yards away.
Bunker Play The Cricket Golf Challenge The Trick Shot Boys combine golf and Cricket in this Cricket Golf challenge.
Bunker Play Inner Tube Bullseye Challenge The Trick Shot Boys try to hit a ball into an inner tube in the water.
Humor Skipping Golf Balls Down the Canals in London The trick shot boys see how far they can skip golf balls down the canals in London.
Humor Juggling Golf Balls & Riding Unicycles Through the London Tube The trick shot boys pull off an incredible stunt as they juggle a golf ball from above ground down to the Tube—all while riding a unicycle.
Humor Golfer Nails Incredible Shot Into a Cup of Tea Geoff and Kevin set up a tee for some afternoon tea, epic trick shots-style.com
Humor The Golf Trick Shot Boys Take Over London On their way to visit the Queen, the trick shot boys decide to turn London into their personal trick-shots playground. Watch as they take over St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, and more.
Humor Nailing a Golf Trick Shot During the Picnic Table Beer Challenge Think you could juggle a golf ball while climbing up and down tables, without spilling a beer? Us neither. The Golf Trick Shot Boys show us how to do it in the picnic table beer challenge.