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Driven To Innovate

1 season, 4 episodes

The constant pursuit of improvement fuels both the people who play the game of golf and the engineers behind the gear they use. Here, Golf Digest's equipment editors highlight the greatest innovations happening in golf equipment, and how they help players stay on top. Presented by Porsche.

Season 1

Equipment Driven to Innovate Episode 1: Drivers The driver is the headliner of the golf bag, and the club with the most technology. Golf Digest's equipment editors talk about the advances in adjustability, aerodynamics and materials that are allowing golfers of all abilities to maximize their results off the tee.
Presented by Porsche.
Equipment Driven to Innovate Episode 2: Irons The complicated nature of iron design is often hidden under the traditional-looking exterior preferred by better players and traditionalists, and finding that balance between maximum performance and sleek design is an art in itself. Our experts take a look under the hood of the clubs that are truly the engine of every golfer's game.
Presented by Porsche.
Equipment Driven to Innovate Episode 3: Balls Can a golf ball be all things to all people? That's the ultimate goal of ball design today, and thanks to breakthrough technology in aerodynamics, layering and materials, ball manufacturers' latest creations are getting close. Find out why the scientific evolution of this small piece of equipment has a lot of significance to your score.
Presented by Porsche.
Equipment Driven to Innovate Episode 4: Performance Technology Some of the greatest equipment at golfers' hands today is not found in the golf bag but rather on their wrists, clipped to their belts or on the floor in the teaching bay. We explore the vast universe of analytical tools such as launch monitors, GPS game-tracking devices and robotic swing trainers, and how they help players stay ahead of the game.
Presented by Porsche.