Celebrity Smash 2016

1 season, 6 episodes

Celebrities attempt to smash the glass target in as few shots as possible at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Pro Am.

Season 1

Celebrity Chipper Jones, Mark Mulder, & Other MLB Superstars Smash the Glass Golf Digest brought together a lineup of MLB superstars at Lake Tahoe to see who could smash the glass in 10 strokes or less. Chipper Jones, Mark Mulder, Eric Gagne, David Wells, Brett Saberhagen, and others all take their chance to see who can hit the target in the fewest swings.
Celebrity Alfonso Ribeiro Smashes the Glass in One Shot Alfonso Ribeiro, who played "Carlton" in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and now hosts America's Funniest Home Videos, smashes the glass at Lake Tahoe on his first shot and wins the Celebrity Smash 2016 competition.
Celebrity Kevin Nealon Hit Adam Sandler with a Golf Ball After five shots SNL comedian Kevin Nealon smashed the glass target at Lake Tahoe, squeezing in several quick one-liners along the way.
Celebrity Steph Curry Faces Off Against His Dad Watch a father and son contest between Steph and Dell Curry to see who can break the glass target in Lake Tahoe with the fewest number of strokes.
Celebrity Duck Dynasty's Willie Roberson Smashes the Glass at Lake Tahoe Watch Willie Robertson make six attempts to smash a glass target at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Pro Am golf tournament.
Celebrity Steph Curry, Willie Robertson, Alfonso Ribeiro, and More Destroy a Glass Target at Lake Tahoe Watch as an all start cast, including Steph Curry, Willie Robertson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Dell Curry, Deron Williams and others, attempts to smash a glass target at Lake Tahoe in the fewest shots possible.