Bunker Play

2 seasons, 24 episodes

Instructional how-to's, tips, and more to help you master bunker shots.

Season 2

Shots & Strokes How To Make More Bunker Shots One of the biggest reasons amateurs struggle with bunker shots is that they don't keep a level head. Here's what you should do about it.
How to Jeff Ritter: Sand Strong How to blast it out of bunkers.
Coaches & Instructors David Leadbetter: How to escape a plugged lie Anybody can beat a plugged lie--just follow these keys.
Bunker Play Bernie Najar: Knuckles To The Sky Bunker shots scare a lot of players because they don't know how to get the sand wedge to work the way it was designed. Preview the release to hit great sand shots.
How to David Leadbetter: Greenside Bunker Shots Step By Step: Try these four keys for long greenside bunker shots.
How to Martin Hall: Beat The Bunkers Here's how Gary Player says to spin it from the sand.
How to Christopher Smith: Make Golf Easier Here's a fun way to practice to help you improve fast.
Bunker Play David Leadbetter: Become A Better Bunker Player Hit bunker shots like a pro with these four keys.
Bunker Play Shaun Webb: Stripe It From The Sand Bad fairway bunker shots happen primarily for two reasons: a faulty setup and fear. Here's a simple way to improve from the fairway bunker.
Shots & Strokes What A Good Bunker Shot Feels Like David Leadbetter's keys to hitting better shots out of fairway bunkers.
Bunker Play Jared Zak: Bunker Play How to hit out of a greenside bunker and cleanly onto the green.
Bunker Play A Simple Trick To Practice Bunker Shots Knowing the mechanics of a bunker swing is important, but it's even more important to know how the club works through the sand. This drill from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher James Kinney reinforces this concept and will help you hit a quality bunker sand.