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Breaking Bad Scores

2 seasons, 22 episodes

Get out of your rut and lower your scores with this how-to series featuring leading instructor Jason Guss. Learn practice tips and drills for all skill levels on your way to breaking 100, 90, or 80.

Season 2

How to Loosen Up Your Grip & Relax with the 10-Ball Drill When people feel pressure on the course, they tend to tighten up their grip. Jason Guss shows you how to loosen things up and relax with this simple 10-ball drill.
How to How to Get Rid of the Shanks There’s one word you never want to hear on the golf course: shank. Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jason Guss shows you how to solve the shanks.
How to The Good Player Mistake You're in the single-digit handicap so you don't suck anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't get any better. Jason Guss shows you how to fix a classic mistake that all good players make.
How to How to Stop Hitting Grounders with Fairway Woods If you're sweeping your three wood, you're doing it all wrong. Jason Guss shows you how to fix this common mistake so you can start bombing 3-woods and hitting par 5s in under 2.
How to How to Stop Bladed Iron Shots Jason Guss shows you how to fix the bladed iron shot.
How to Fix Your Banana Slice You've either had it or you have it. Jason Guss shows you how to fix the dreaded banana slice by using your sand wedge.
How to How to Stop Topping Your Drives If you can swing a bat, you can stop topping your drives. Jason Guss shows you how.
How to How to Stop Hitting Pull Hooks Still hitting pull hooks? Find out how to stop by unlocking your inner artist with this tip from one of our Best Young Teachers Jason Guss.
How to How to Fix Fat Shots with a See-Saw Remember the see-saw from your childhood days? Find out how it can help lower your golf score with this simple drill.