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B the 1

1 season, 5 episodes

Come along for the ride with the incomparable Dude Perfect as they break down the most exciting games golfers play with their friends when out for casual rounds. Each game tests your skill and strategy while increasing your overall enjoyment on the course.

Season 1

Celebrity How to play “B the 1,” featuring Dude Perfect BMW’s own game shows who’s “The 1” on the tees and the greens.
Celebrity How to play “Snake,” featuring Dude Perfect Are you a sharp putter? Then you’ll love this game that punishes three-putts.
Celebrity How to play “Nassau,” featuring Dude Perfect The most popular game golfers play with their pals—for a reason.
Celebrity How to play “Wolf,” featuring Dude Perfect A game for those who enjoy having a new challenge on every hole, and love to take risks.
Celebrity Dude Perfect Presents The Plastic Golf Association Battle Join Dude Perfect for a tournament unlike any other: The Plastic Golf Association Battle. The rules of this battle are simple: after three holes of golf, the lowest score wins. Let’s go!