Approach Shots

4 seasons, 41 episodes

Instructional how-to's, tips, and more to help you master approach shots.


How to Christopher Smith: How To Hit Your 5-Iron 200 Yards Want to hit your 5-iron 200 yards? Start with this tip.
How to Grayson Zacker: Three Steps To Proper Sequencing Simple keys to hit more greens from long range.
Shots & Strokes Chris Mayson: Stay Relaxed Around The Green Regain your feel around the greens with this quick tip.
Shots & Strokes David Leadbetter: Make Par From Awkward Lies Four keys to knocking it close from tough lies.
How to James Sieckmann: Control Your Wedges Wedge success: Tips for hitting it close from those awkward yardages.
How to How To Drop Off A Cart Path Golf Digest rules editor Ron Kaspriske on the do's and don'ts of when you can drop off a cart path.
Shots & Strokes Hit It Clean Out Of Fairway Bunkers Copy what good players do out of fairway bunkers.
How to 5-Minute Clinic: How To Flight Your Ball Around The Greens This tip will get you up and down more often.
Coaches & Instructors Master The Low Punch Shot David Leadbetter shows how to take the club back in order to hit the perfect punch shot with an iron.
Coaches & Instructors The Household Item That Doubles As A Great Swing Aid Hit consistent iron shots with this ball-striking tip from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher Erika Larkin.
How to The Perfect Drill To Work On Lower Body Motion Want to pick up clubhead speed and distance? This drill from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher Shaun Webb will help you achieve proper lower body motion and gain more clubhead speed.