Humor Watch A 10-Year-Old Kid Beat Patrick Reed PGA Pro Patrick Reed and rising young golfer Bowen Ballis play a round of "SHH" with Patrick on his knees!
Celebrity Golf Assassins: Long Drive Champ Hits the Green on 430-Yard Par 4 World Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg takes Golf Digest's Long Drive Challenge at Butler National Golf Club in Oak Brook, Illinois.
Celebrity Can Stephen Curry Play Golf on a Basketball Court? Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry takes Golf Digest's 3-Point Challenge, involving 3-pointers, chip shots, long putts, and half-court shots. He has less than fifty seconds per round and needs to make 10 shots to win, all while being interviewed.
News & Tours Jordan Spieth: 90 Feet or Taylor Swift? 20 Questions With Jordan: He just posed for our July 2015 cover and now we're giving him a pop-culture quiz while he putts. His longest putt on the tour is 45 feet, so we've put a highball glass about 90 feet down the hallway. To disrupt his concentration, we're giving him a pop-culture quiz.
Coaches & Instructors The Escape Artist It takes real experience to successfully make your way back to the fairway (in one shot) after hitting a shot into the woods. Rickie Fowler has it.
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Celebrity Golf Assassins: Bubba Watson Knocks a Drone Out of the Sky Bubba Watson nails a drone with the perfect shot, all while answering our hard-hitting questions like whether he's team Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers and if he prefers grilled cheese or burritos?
Celebrity Rickie Fowler Easily Hits a Golf Ball Higher Than the Statue of Liberty Golf Digest challenged Rickie Fowler to see how high he could hit a golf ball using a pitching wedge, 7-iron, and 4-iron. In the first challenge, Fowler must try to clear The White House, a blue whale, and the Roman Colosseum with a pitching wedge. For the second challenge, Rickie must clear the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, and Nitro roller coaster with a 7-iron. The final test has Fowler attempting to top a Boeing's wing span, the Statue of Liberty, and Big Ben.
Coaches & Instructors The Sand Man Amateurs like Kevin sometimes need a couple of tries to get out of the sand (no matter what they claim). Butch and Rickie offer tips to help.
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How to The Short Shot Over Sand Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon share their tips for knocking it tight over a bunker.
Celebrity Justin Thomas Crushes a 250 Yard Drive With a Mini Golf Putter Justin Thomas is one of the longest golfers on the planet because he has an insane smash factor, which is ball speed divided by club speed. In other words, Thomas swings crazy fast and has amazing hand-eye coordination. Thomas's peak smash factor is on par with Dustin Johnson. Golf Digest wanted to find out what his smash factor would be with a kids club, tennis racket, baseball bat, shovel, wiffle ball bat, and mini-golf putter. The results were astounding.
Shots & Strokes Brooks Koepka Hits the Green on a 367-Yard Par 4 Brooks Koepka has one of the fastest drives in the PGA and has been recorded at speeds as high as 128 MPH. Golf Digest challenges him to drive the par 4 17th hole at Floridian National Golf Club from every tee box, the final of which is 367 yards away.
Celebrity More Home Hacks with Paige Spiranac Instagram star and golf pro Paige Spiranac uses household items to improve her golf game.