Courses & Travel Ranking the British Open venues Everything you need to know about the top eight Open Championship venues.
News & Tours Was this the greatest final round duel ever? Henrik Stenson's victory at the 2016 Open Championship at Royal Troon was one of the most exciting major finishes of the decade. Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee and Golf Digest's Jamie Diaz discuss the duel.
Humor Golf's most-heated debate Alex Myers discusses what to call "The Open," and how to handle "British Open" bullies.
Humor Jordan Spieth's legendary Cabo crew Alex Myers discusses Jordan Spieth hanging out with a collection of sports GOATs, including Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps.
Celebrity Dan Patrick on Callaway Live Dan Patrick has always been one of the most entertaining sports personalities in the game! Dan and his crew from the Dan Patrick show recently stopped by Callaway HQ for Callaway Live. You won't want to miss it!

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Celebrity Comedian James Davis on Callaway Live Callaway Live is back at The FORUM! This week we sit down with Comedy Central star James Davis, whose "Hood Adjacent" upbringing gives him a unique perspective on the game of Golf.

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Celebrity Rickie Fowler Easily Hits a Golf Ball Higher Than the Statue of Liberty Golf Digest challenged Rickie Fowler to see how high he could hit a golf ball using a pitching wedge, 7-iron, and 4-iron. In the first challenge, Fowler must try to clear The White House, a blue whale, and the Roman Colosseum with a pitching wedge. For the second challenge, Rickie must clear the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, and Nitro roller coaster with a 7-iron. The final test has Fowler attempting to top a Boeing's wing span, the Statue of Liberty, and Big Ben.
Humor If golf had "bat" flips We reimagined the most memorable bat flips in baseball to see what they would look like on the golf course.
Coaches & Instructors The Long-Distance Putter Does a lucky putt count as a good putt? In Kevin's world, maybe, but Butch and Rickie know from experience that good technique is key for scoring.
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Coaches & Instructors The Sand Man Amateurs like Kevin sometimes need a couple of tries to get out of the sand (no matter what they claim). Butch and Rickie offer tips to help.
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Coaches & Instructors The Escape Artist It takes real experience to successfully make your way back to the fairway (in one shot) after hitting a shot into the woods. Rickie Fowler has it.
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Celebrity The Power Player Kevin is convinced his drive just went 300 yards. Butch, who's seen a thing or two, asks Rickie to show Kevin how real power is accomplished.
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