Shots & Strokes

Coaches & Instructors How To Groove Your Short Irons To hit better iron shots, learn to hit down on the ball correctly. David Leadbetter demonstrates how to hit your short irons solidly.
How to 3 Things Ruining Your Game Stop giving away shots and tighten up your game with help from Hank Haney.
How to Fix Your Shanks Make your next round shank-free with these tips from David Leadbetter.
Shots & Strokes Brooks Koepka Hits the Green on a 367-Yard Par 4 Brooks Koepka has one of the fastest drives in the PGA and has been recorded at speeds as high as 128 MPH. Golf Digest challenges him to drive the par 4 17th hole at Floridian National Golf Club from every tee box, the final of which is 367 yards away.
How to Hit Draws on Command Control your shot trajectory and learn how to properly hit a draw. Tom Watson explains how it's done.
How to Hole More Chips Hit crisper chips with these tips from Todd Anderson.
Bunker Play Rickie Fowler's Badass Bunker Swing Remix Rickie Fowler drives and take bunker shots in slow motion.
Coaches & Instructors The Household Item That Doubles As A Great Swing Aid Hit consistent iron shots with this ball-striking tip from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher Erika Larkin.
Bunker Play A Simple Trick To Practice Bunker Shots Knowing the mechanics of a bunker swing is important, but it's even more important to know how the club works through the sand. This drill from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher James Kinney reinforces this concept and will help you hit a quality bunker sand.
How to The Perfect Drill To Work On Lower Body Motion Want to pick up clubhead speed and distance? This drill from 2016-17 Best Young Teacher Shaun Webb will help you achieve proper lower body motion and gain more clubhead speed.
Coaches & Instructors How Practicing Barefoot Helps Your Swing Hitting balls barefoot is nothing new. Sam Snead did it in the 1950s. You can do it, too, and get some of that terrific tempo and timing Snead was famous for.
Coaches & Instructors How To Chip With Your Hybrid You can get close to the hole from around the green with your hybrid.