Short Game

How to Simple Short Game Adjustments That Make A Big Difference Correct your setup and swing path for better accuracy and trajectory. Brandon Stooksbury, one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers shows you how.
Coaches & Instructors How To Groove Your Short Irons To hit better iron shots, learn to hit down on the ball correctly. David Leadbetter demonstrates how to hit your short irons solidly.
Coaches & Instructors How to hit a successful pitch-and-run Master the pitch-and-run for better control on shots around the green. David Leadbetter demonstrates this essential skill.
Bunker Play Get a handle on your short game Learn where to set the handle at address and impact to revamp your short game. Teaching professional Josh Zander shows you how to set up in any conditions.
How to 3 Things Ruining Your Game Stop giving away shots and tighten up your game with help from Hank Haney.
How to Hole More Chips Hit crisper chips with these tips from Todd Anderson.
Coaches & Instructors Old School Chipping to get the Ball Rolling This throwback technique will give you better control around the greens. A.J. Avoli, one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers shares his chipping-improvement tip.
Bunker Play Jared Zak: Bunker Play How to hit out of a greenside bunker and cleanly onto the green.
Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Putting Flaws How to fix the mistakes you might be making on the greens.
Coaches & Instructors David Leadbetter: Wristless Chips Maintaining the wrists throughout one's swing is key to a good chip shot.
Coaches & Instructors Todd Anderson: The Perfect Bump-and-Run Todd Anderson discusses which clubs to use to execute the perfect bump-and-run from any distance.
Coaches & Instructors Emiliano Grillo: Pitching Made Easy Emiliano Grillo, the 23-year-old Argentinian pro, gives his take on how to hit it close to the pin.