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Short Game

Bunker Play Jared Zak: Bunker Play How to hit out of a greenside bunker and cleanly onto the green.
Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Putting Flaws How to fix the mistakes you might be making on the greens.
Coaches & Instructors David Leadbetter: Wristless Chips Maintaining the wrists throughout one's swing is key to a good chip shot.
Coaches & Instructors Todd Anderson: The Perfect Bump-and-Run Todd Anderson discusses which clubs to use to execute the perfect bump-and-run from any distance.
Coaches & Instructors Emiliano Grillo: Pitching Made Easy Emiliano Grillo, the 23-year-old Argentinian pro, gives his take on how to hit it close to the pin.
Short Game David Leadbetter: Score Inside 100 Yards How to get more consistent with your short game.
How to Michael Breed: One Move To Better Golf A simple solution to hitting better chips and pitches.
Celebrity Dude Perfect Presents The Plastic Golf Association Battle Join Dude Perfect for a tournament unlike any other: The Plastic Golf Association Battle. The rules of this battle are simple: after three holes of golf, the lowest score wins. Let’s go!
Celebrity Weird and Wonderful Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game Mark Crossfield takes us through some new golf gadgets.
Courses & Travel Lessons From Chambers Bay: Off-Green Putt How to hit an effective long, off-green putt.
Short Game Tom Watson: How To Handle Your Chips Two ways to play any type of short-game shot.
Short Game Make The Turn Weekly Challenge: Rhythm Master To develop a quality putting game you need to attain a reasonable level of skill in the elements of distance control, direction and rhythm. Try this metronome drill to help you find your perfect putting rhythm. Just remember, it all starts with the roll!