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Setup Basics

Coaches & Instructors Smylie Kaufman’s Favorite Contact Drill Smylie Kaufman and his swing coach Tony Ruggiero demonstrate how to improve contact.
Coaches & Instructors Your Hands Control Everything Your hands control the clubface and its orientation at impact. Improve your swing by focusing on hand position and movement with Travis Fulton, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher.
Coaches & Instructors Master The Low Punch Shot David Leadbetter shows how to take the club back in order to hit the perfect punch shot with an iron.
Coaches & Instructors What Your Golf Clubs Can Say About Your Swing Kevin Sprecher goes over the different golf clubs in your bag, and what they can say about your golf swing.
Celebrity Tom Watson: Moving Your Head When should you be moving your head during your swing? Tom Watson has the answers.
Coaches & Instructors David Leadbetter: Wristless Chips Maintaining the wrists throughout one's swing is key to a good chip shot.
Coaches & Instructors Martin Hall: Swinging Too Fast If you're having trouble hitting the ball off the tee, the speed of your swing might be the problem.
Coaches & Instructors Hank Haney: Don't Cheat Your Finish Moving your back foot through the finish of the swing makes all the difference.
Coaches & Instructors David Leadbetter: Control Your Tension How to keep control over your tension on the tee with David Leadbetter.
Setup Basics How To Improve Your Grip Proper grip pressure is a must if you want to hit better shots.
Setup Basics David Leadbetter: The A-Swing Grip Struggling with contact? Try this grip to groove it.
How to David Leadbetter's A Swing: The Setup The A Swing starts from a fairly standard setup. One difference is, the right foot is pulled back, creating a closed stance.