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Coaches & Instructors How To Groove Your Short Irons To hit better iron shots, learn to hit down on the ball correctly. David Leadbetter demonstrates how to hit your short irons solidly.
Coaches & Instructors How to hit a successful pitch-and-run Master the pitch-and-run for better control on shots around the green. David Leadbetter demonstrates this essential skill.
Fitness How Yoga Can Help Your Swing Katherine Roberts works with many professional athletes including Major League Baseball players and PGA Tour pros. In this video, she demonstrates some key poses that will help your game.
Bunker Play Get a handle on your short game Learn where to set the handle at address and impact to revamp your short game. Teaching professional Josh Zander shows you how to set up in any conditions.
How to The correct path to cure your slice Put a little extra focus on the direction you swing the club and watch your game skyrocket. Jorge Parada, one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America, reveals his tour-proven tips.
Fitness Lift for Loft Can't hit your irons high enough? Two exercises can help. Golf Digest fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske, demonstrates moves to improve your golf posture.
How to How to make the famous Masters Azalea Cocktail Not at Augusta this week? Not to worry, you can mix up your own Azalea Cocktail like they make at the Masters.