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Fitness Core Training with TRX Professional golfer Belen Mozo shows you how to sculpt your core with these TRX exercises.
Fitness Get Jacked with TRX Professional golfer Belen Mozo demonstrates her favorite TRX suspension exercises that will improve your overall balance, flexibility, core strength and build muscle.
Fitness 3 Kettlebell Exercises To Tone Your Entire Body Professional golfer Belen Mozo demonstrates her favorite kettlebell exercises for core stability, toned arms and more.
Fitness Add 12 more yards in just 12 minutes Professional golfer Belen Mozo demonstrates four exercises that will improve your game.
Fitness How to get a Killer Core LPGA Tour Pro Belen Mozo shows her favorite core exercises.
Fitness Golf's Most Beautiful Woman Crushes Your Core LPGA Tour Pro Belen Mozo demonstrates her favorite drive-improving exercises
Fitness Tour Pro Hip Speed This physio-ball exercise improves core strength, allowing you to swing a club faster without losing balance; and hip mobility, allowing you to clear your pelvis out of the way on the downswing so that your arms and club can swing through quickly and powerfully.
Fitness Bench Press And Arm Curls For Golfers Walk into any big-box gym in America and it won't take long to spot someone doing either the bench press or arm curls. Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear and trainer Ryan Anderson demonstrate variations on these routine exercises that will enhance muscle function needed for more power in the golf swing
Fitness Train Diagonally For A Better Swing Here are two golf-specific exercises that will help you make a coordinated and powerful swing. They also help reduce injuries, particularly to your lower back.
Fitness Gym Fix: Slow Down To Swing Faster If your goal is to pick up some clubhead speed, and do it without ending up needing time off from golf for surgery, train your muscles to be able to decelerate your swing safely. That means training the lower body as well as your upper body. Here are two key exercises that will get you started.
Fitness Gym Fix For Fat & Thin Shots If you hit more than your fair share of fat and thin shots, the problem might not solely be technique. The root cause is often poor muscle function in the hips and glutes. Here are three key exercises to help you correct this and hit more shots in the sweet spot.
Fitness The Office Workout For Golfers What can you do if you're chained to a desk for eight hours or more each day? Short of running around your office every 15 minutes, here are several exercises you can do that not only help combat health issues linked to sitting, they also help your golf game.