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Courses & Travel Golf Saved My Life A boy with autism and his father find happiness through golf.
Courses & Travel Golf All Night in the Heart of Dubai at Emirates Golf Club Founded 28 years ago, Emirates Golf Club was the first grass course in the Middle East. It features floodlights which make it possible for you to play at night and GPS in every cart. While it was remote when it was built, the club now occupies prime real estate in the heart of Dubai. Produced for Golf Digest with Edward Jones.
Courses & Travel Introduction: Why These Courses? Everyone knows who's number 1 and 2 on Golf Digest's 100 Greatest Courses ranking, but sussing out the true momentum-gainers takes a little more work. Find out what we looked for to pinpoint the "hottest" courses on the list. Presented by Porsche.
Courses & Travel Play Alongside the Atlantic at Portugal’s Troia Golf Troia Golf offers excellent scenery while you play on the peninsula surrounded by mountains, a river, and the ocean. Legendary architect Robert Trent Jones considered the third hole one of the best 18 he had ever designed.
Courses & Travel Episode 4: Emily's Food Tour Part 2 – Phoenix Area After tasting her way through Tucson's culinary creations, food and travel writer Emily Elyse Miller headed to Phoenix to continue her delicious journey. Watch as she discovers the growing makers' movement and how this desert region produces everything from exceptional milled flour to fiery hot sauce to olive oil made from locally grown olives. Presented by Arizona Office of Tourism
Courses & Travel Episode 3: Emily's Food Tour Part 1 – Tucson Food and travel writer Emily Elyse Miller returned to her Arizona roots to find a burgeoning food scene had sprung up in her absence. Follow her exploration of the heritage-inspired cuisine scene in Tucson, the world's first UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. Presented by Arizona Office of Tourism
Courses & Travel Episode 5: Robin Regains Her Balance Best-selling author, ultramarathoner and fitness coach Robin Arzón was surprised to discover Arizona's softer side. When she wasn't scaling mountains in Tucson and dashing down trails in Sedona to prepare for an upcoming race, she focused on connecting mind and body with rejuvenating spa treatments, poolside relaxation and moonlit yoga. Presented by Arizona Office of Tourism
Courses & Travel Episode 1: Cody's Family Favorites Former baseball pro Cody Ross and his family have called northern Arizona home for years. Follow them around Flagstaff and Sedona as they visit their favorite family spots, from riding to the top of Arizona's highest peak, to fishing creek-side, to stargazing through a 122-year-old telescope. Presented by Arizona Office of Tourism
Courses & Travel Episode 2: Matt Finds Inspiration Musician Matt Simons took a break from his European tour to spend a few days getting inspired by Phoenix's diverse arts culture. After exploring Native and local art, sampling craft cocktails from a master mixologist and examining the exquisite craftsmanship at Consanti, Matt capped off his trip with an intimate performance. Presented by Arizona Office of Tourism
Courses & Travel Better To Lead, Than Follow Introducing the new Panamera. Courage changes everything.
Presented by Porsche
Courses & Travel Episode 5: Half Moon Bay Justin & Kate's getaway concludes at the exquisite Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, where they meet Mavericks surf guru Jeff Clark. Presented by BMW.
Courses & Travel Episode 7: Behind The Scenes Go behind the scenes of The Getaway. Presented by BMW.