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Coaches & Instructors The Escape Artist It takes real experience to successfully make your way back to the fairway (in one shot) after hitting a shot into the woods. Rickie Fowler has it.
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Celebrity The Power Player Kevin is convinced his drive just went 300 yards. Butch, who's seen a thing or two, asks Rickie to show Kevin how real power is accomplished.
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Coaches & Instructors Why your practice sessions aren't working Improve your practice sessions to improve your game with these tips from Sean Foley.
Coaches & Instructors How To Groove Your Short Irons To hit better iron shots, learn to hit down on the ball correctly. David Leadbetter demonstrates how to hit your short irons solidly.
Coaches & Instructors How to hit a successful pitch-and-run Master the pitch-and-run for better control on shots around the green. David Leadbetter demonstrates this essential skill.
Coaches & Instructors Never Miss A Short Putt Again Make your putting automatic and hole every short one you come across these tips from David Leadbetter.
Coaches & Instructors How A Coat Hanger Can Fix Your Pitch Shots This no-frills drill will improve your short game in no time. Grayson Zacker, one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers shows you how.
Bunker Play Master the Long Greenside Bunker Shot Let the hands roll to get the ball to the hole. Tom Watson explains why you have to change your normal greenside bunker technique when distance is a factor.
Coaches & Instructors Why Speed Is Key For Making More Putts Accurate reads mean nothing if you don't have the correct speed on the green. Dave Stockton, a Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher and two-time PGA Championship winner demonstrates speed control.
Coaches & Instructors Get the 3-wood in the play, hit more fairways David Leadbetter on when to ditch your driver and focus on accuracy off the tee.
Coaches & Instructors Old School Chipping to get the Ball Rolling This throwback technique will give you better control around the greens. A.J. Avoli, one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers shares his chipping-improvement tip.
Coaches & Instructors A simple way to make more putts Use this cadence to improve on the green. Chris Mayson, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, shares his two-word tip to help the ball drop in the cup.