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Celebrity Supermodel Lucky Blue Smith is dating a PGA Tour caddie’s daughter Alex Myers discusses supermodel Lucky Blue Smith’s love of Stormi Bree Henley — and golf.
Celebrity Aaron Rodgers shares his dream round of golf Check out Aaron Rodgers', Steph Curry's, and Charles Barkley's dream rounds.
Celebrity Sergio Garcia Gets Engaged To Former TV Reporter Alex Myers discusses the major event that Sergio Garcia is guaranteed to win in 2017.
Celebrity Rob Riggle - Drill Sergeant: Celebrities in Golf Carts Rob Riggle talks with Golf Digest about his life goals, how he joined Saturday Night Live, parenting, and getting older before facing off against Mark Willard in a contest to see who can hit a paper target with the loser doing 50 push ups.
Celebrity On Set with Dustin Johnson Go behind the scenes of Dustin Johnson's cover shoot for Golf Digest.
Celebrity 7 Things We Wanted To Ask Donald Trump While He Was In Our Office (But Never Got To) President-elect Donald trump visited One World Trade Center, here's what we wished we could have asked him but never got the chance.
Celebrity Charles Barkley and Tim Wakefield share the best golf tip they've ever received Charles Barkley and Tim Wakefield share the best golf tip they've ever received …and which Superbowl MVP takes tips from Lee Trevino?
Celebrity Our New Year’s Golf Resolutions Alex Myers discusses some golf-related goals for 2017.
Celebrity Steph Curry Faces Off Against His Dad Watch a father and son contest between Steph and Dell Curry to see who can break the glass target in Lake Tahoe with the fewest number of strokes.
Celebrity Duck Dynasty's Willie Roberson Smashes the Glass at Lake Tahoe Watch Willie Robertson make six attempts to smash a glass target at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Pro Am golf tournament.
Celebrity Sorry guys, your golf dream girl is off the market Alex Myers discusses Instagram star Paige Spiranac getting engaged and does some digging on the lucky guy.
Celebrity Why David Blaine could be golf's greatest trick-shot artist Alex Myers discusses magician/illusionist David Blaine and how his superhuman skills would translate to golf.