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Epic Trick Shots

Humor Insane Glow-in-the-Dark Trick Shots with the Bryan Brothers They’re professional golfers, brothers, and trick-shot masters. Watch George and Wesley Bryan light things up on the course with these incredible glow-in-the-dark trick shots.
Humor Blair O’Neal’s Unbelievable Concrete Setup Pro golfer Blair O’Neal stops by to help the Bryan Bros with a new, rock-hard trick shot. Watch as Blair gives the boys an epic setup off a concrete slab for a trick shot you won’t believe.
Humor Unbelievable Golf & Baseball Trick Shots with the Bryan Bros They’re swapping the golf course for the baseball diamond. See what unbelievable baseball trick shots the Bryan Bros pull off with friend and entertainment reporter Ben Lyons.
Humor Can You Hit a Golf Ball Flying Out of a ’69 Ford Mustang? We hired a professional stunt-car driver to spin donuts in a 1969 Ford Mustang as the Bryan Bros try to nail a crazy trick shot. Can the pros pull it off before the car turns to dust?
Humor Nailing Incredible Golf Trick Shots Out of a Funnel It's time to get tricky with the Bryan Bros. Watch as the trick-shot masters nail incredible shots that come flying out of a funnel and bouncing off of a trampoline.
Humor Watch the NFL Record for Longest Field Goal Get Broken The Bryan Bros mix things up when they take their trick shots to the football field. Watch them beat the NFL record for longest field goal (with the help of a golf club.)
How to Pulling Off Crazy Golf Trick Shots During Medieval Times The Bryan Bros go medieval when they nail incredible trick shots as launched by a catapult. Find out how they did it!
Humor Golf Goes Country Yee-haw! The Bryan Bros head down to the farm for some crazy country trick-shots.