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Humor Going Going Gong: The Golf Trick Shot Boys Take the Gong Challenge The Trick Shot Boys compete to hit a gong from 100 yards away.
Celebrity The Worst Things To Hear Right Before You Hit a Shot with SNL's Colin Jost
Starring: Colin Jost and Casey Jost
Featuring: Adam Griffin and Orrin Heru
Written by: Colin Jost and Josh Patten
Directed by: Jared Lapidus
Filmed at Hudson National Golf Club:
Special thanks to Theron Harvey
Celebrity Hank Haney, Swing Like a Pro: Jason Day’s Golf Swing Secrets Hank Haney breaks down Jason Day's golf swing.
Bunker Play The Cricket Golf Challenge The Trick Shot Boys combine golf and Cricket in this Cricket Golf challenge.
Fitness Fitness Friday: Draw Exercise Golf Digest fitness editor Ron Kaspriske demonstrates an exercise program that will help you hit a draw off the tee.
Coaches & Instructors More Absurd Rules of Golf There are over 600 pages in the decisions on the rules of golf. We found 8 more weird, random rules you've never heard before
Coaches & Instructors Long Drive Tips with Jeff Flagg Jeff Flagg gives his tips on how to hit a 400 yard drive.
Celebrity Weird and Wonderful Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game Mark Crossfield takes us through some new golf gadgets.