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Celebrity Golf Assassins: Long Drive Champ Hits the Green on 430-Yard Par 4 World Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg takes Golf Digest's Long Drive Challenge at Butler National Golf Club in Oak Brook, Illinois.
How to How to Play Through with Confidence Playing through a group isn’t easy, but Blair O’Neal shows you how to get it done with three quick tips.
How to Anna Rawson Shows You How to Hit a Power Draw with a Driver For Anna Rawson, there’s nothing sexier than hitting a power draw down the fairway. The model and professional golfer shows you how to nail it.
News & Tours Jordan Spieth: 90 Feet or Taylor Swift? 20 Questions With Jordan: He just posed for our July 2015 cover and now we're giving him a pop-culture quiz while he putts. His longest putt on the tour is 45 feet, so we've put a highball glass about 90 feet down the hallway. To disrupt his concentration, we're giving him a pop-culture quiz.
Celebrity Long Drive Champ Jeff Flagg Destroys Stuff with Golf Balls in Slow Motion Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg destroys everything from a watermelon to the gopher in Caddyshack in slow motion. Special Thanks to Heneghan Wrecking
Shots & Strokes Hank Haney: The 5-Minute Slice Fix Hank Haney shared his 5-minute slice fix with 60 confirmed slicers at his Vista Ridge facility outside Dallas. The result: 86 percent said they’ve cut their slice in half.
News & Tours Behind the Scenes with Holly Sonders Behind the scenes of Golf Digest's May 2013 cover shoot with Golf Channel's Holly Sonders.
How to David Leadbetter: The A Swing Backswing Learn a new backswing that will put you in perfect position coming down.