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How to Breaking 90: Making Your 3-Footers Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jason Guss offers a simple drill to help you sink putts and make 3-footers so you can start breaking 90.
Bunker Play Weekly Challenge: Bunker Blast Instructor Jeff Ritter says the best way to hone your bunker game is to force yourself to hole out once from the bunker at the end of every session.
How to Breaking 100: Becoming a Great Chipper Jason Guss shows you an easy trick to hit crisper chips. The flamingo drill may look silly, but your friends will be impressed when they see how much your game improves.
Bunker Play Ben Crane: The Long Bunker Shot Ben Crane, a four-time PGA Tour winner, shows you a solution to the 50-yard bunker shot.
Setup Basics Rickie Fowler: Correct Alignment Correctly aligning your body where your eyes are looking is next to impossible to do naturally. You need a trick. Here's Rickie Fowler's process for setting up square to the target.
Coaches & Instructors The Secret To Hitting Your 3-Wood Sean Foley shares his secret to hitting a 3-wood.
Celebrity Behind the Scenes with Arnie & Kate Upton Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our December 2013 cover shoot with supermodel Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer.
How to Hank Haney: Cut It Out Of Rough Hank Haney's advice when playing a fade? Aim more left, swing down steeply and cut across the ball.